Good Turn Undone by Greed

by duncanr

when chinese billionaire, Chen Sheng, decided to build luxury mansions and gift them to residents of his home village, it no doubt seemed a good idea at the time

however, his altruistic act had unforeseen consequences and the new grand homes remain unoccupied –


3 Comments to “Good Turn Undone by Greed”

  1. This reminds me of that hideous show Extreme Home Makeover.

    They took families who could barely afford to heat their trailers and cast them into gigantic mansions they could afford even less, all on film, of course, and punctuated by a steady stream of self-congratulatory commercials touting the shiny new appliances inside.

    What they left on the cutting room floor was the nearly ubiquitous epilogue of exhausted new homeowners selling off these inappropriate monstrosities shortly after the meager “living expenses” fund ran out. Because if you can’t afford to buy socks, you sure as shit ain’t gonna find a way to cover $5000 in property taxes.


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