I call bullshit

by allthoughtswork


Fashion Industry: “Our runway models must be skeletal because the couture fabric is too expensive to whip up into normal-sized outfits just for one show. Also, we don’t want bodies distracting attention from the clothes.”

Me: “You were saying?”


5 Comments to “I call bullshit”

  1. Fuck me!

    The poor lad – assuming it is a lad – in the photo must be a right skinny little twerp. Unless I’m much mistaken, that’s my old fishing jacket that he’s wearing, and I outgrew that when I was about 15.

    He could also do with getting a few meat puddings down him, as his keks appear to be falling down.


  2. Shit! I’ve just accidentally ‘liked’ this post, thus breaking one of my own rules for life, and putting me right off my tea.

    Please forgive me, atw; I know that we share similar views on the use of the odious ‘like’ facility.


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