When the Shit hits the Fan

by duncanr

scary news, guys!

fastidiously wash your hands to remove any fecal matter after a poo?

a waste of time, apparently, if you then use an air blower to dry them

seems that . . .

when you flush a toilet that doesn’t have a lid, the turbulence of the flush sends fecal particles into the air, where they hover in a miasmic cloud; when the dryers switch on, they pull these particles in through their intake, heat them up, and spray them onto your moist hands‘ – http://tinyurl.com/yavgf5xm

Madhatter recommended ‘best practice’ to keep yourself safe?

step 1 – don’t flush the loo after a poo

step 2 – dry your wet hands on the legs of your trousers or skirt


One Comment to “When the Shit hits the Fan”

  1. 1. Poo at home.
    2. Close the lid before flushing.
    3. Clean your damned bathroom.

    Tip: Binge watch episodes of How Clean is Your House? until you either vomit or start scrubbing with bleach.


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