It don’t mean that

by allthoughtswork

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If you’ve ever used one of the following phrases, you’re a moron against your will:

“pull yourself up by your bootstraps”

“the proof is in the pudding”

“the luck of the Irish”

“a forgone conclusion”

“the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing”

Because you didn’t just say what you thought you said, but since everybody thinks it means what it doesn’t actually mean, you intentionally said the wrong thing and were unintentionally right in today’s society. You know, like the opposite of any Trump tweet.

For the record, I suspected the bootstrap one all along, because it’s stupid.





2 Comments to “It don’t mean that”

  1. To quote Rhod Gilbert:

    “They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating; but you don’t have to lick a turd to know that it tastes like shit.”

    Proper wisdom.

    Even from a Welshman.


  2. ok, I put my hand up – I’m a moron


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