Much Ado about Nothing

by duncanr

a woman in London had a baby yesterday and a large section of the UK public, and the media, wet themselves with excitement

personally, I couldn’t give a shit – never had any interest in the royal family – think we should have got rid of them a long time ago

coincidentally, it was 402 years yesterday since William Shakespeare died

my attitude to the news of a baby born into a life of wealth and privilege can be summed up by the title of this post


One Comment to “Much Ado about Nothing”

  1. Yea, verily. The whole Celebrity Womb Watch makes me gag. It is not news that a woman spread her legs long enough for something other than a yeast infection to take hold up there.

    Hell, Mary didn’t even do THAT much and she was surrounded by men and animals eager for news when Jesus popped out. Shit’s been going on for years.


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