Oh, for fuck’s sake – grow up!

by NobblySan


Normally, I shy away from web ‘personalities’, and anyone described as a YouTube sensation would usually find themselves bottom of my list of people with whom I’d like to get stuck in a lift. But just for once, I’m finding myself agreeing with the attention-seeking, toothy, big-eyed internet afficionado here.

What the fuck is it with prize knobs like this Lam bloke?

Cultural appropriation, my arse! What a lamebrained term, designed for the sole purpose of enabling self-righteous tosspots to whine on about stuff that nobody really gives a shit about.

Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame, or what?

If she wants to wear a Chinese dress, so fucking what? I drive a Japanese car and had a fantastic meal in an Italian restaurant last Friday.

Fuck off you whinging arsehole, and concentrate on the important things in life.

. . . like Italian food.



3 Comments to “Oh, for fuck’s sake – grow up!”

  1. I agree, nobbly – absolutely bollocks

    rather than take offense, this Lam guy should regard it as a compliment that this girl finds the chinese style dress attractive

    I know I was chuffed as anything when my stepson – a sassenach – surprised me some years ago by turning up in full highland dress to a formal dinner we were both attending

    far from regarding this as ‘cultural appropriation’ I was touched and flattered by his choice of outfit for the occasion

    Mr Lam needs to get a sense of proportion – instead of wasting time and energy making a big fuss about a non-chinese girl wearing a traditional chinese style dress, he should perhaps protest against some of the political and social conditions under which folk in China live under ?


  2. So, what, then everyone wearing pajamas tonight owes India an apology? Do I have to burn all the yukata I’ve made because I don’t have a drop of Japanese blood? Are drag queens in skirts and high heels sexist because they’re appropriating women’s culture?

    Fuck you, Lam, you ignorant twat. RuPaul oughta drive her size-13 stiletto right into your nads.


  3. Which of course brings us to the epic cultural appropriations of the Sisterhood of Perpetual Indulgence. I had the good fortune to meet one of the Sisters, at a party circa 1984. I became aware that the nun beside me was not who she appeared when she introduced herself (in a mellow baritone voice) as: Sister Constance Inebriata, Devotee of the Church of Wholly Divine Self Abuse; Member of the Sisterhood of Perpetual Indulgence; and Nun of the Above.
    “I… er… I’ve got a habit”, she confessed, accurately.



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