Still Opposition to Erect Penis in Park

by duncanr

seems several folk complained when they spotted this man, with a large erection, in their local park –

4 Comments to “Still Opposition to Erect Penis in Park”

  1. Museum director Sara Weyns said: ‘I determine that nude bodies can indeed touch visitors. We do have quite a lot of nude bodies in our collection, but those are often women’s bodies. Apparently those evoke less outrage than this piece. Of course this is a work made from plasticine and not from bronze, which makes it a lot more real-looking. I assume that is why the reactions are quite stronger.”

    Um, no, Sara, my dear, it’s not the nudity or the plasticine, it’s the performance. If the aforementioned bronze ladies were depicted scooping menstrual blood from their vaginas and eating it, you’d see “strong” reactions, too. This is gross.

    Not to worry, though. Dicks that stick out tend to get snapped off. Tick, tock.


  2. Dunc, you need to edit the title .


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