Irish Fighting Talk

by duncanr

a group of travellers in Ireland has posted a video challenging another group of travellers currently in England to return to Ireland for a fight

helpful – though not entirely accurate at times – subtitles have been added to the video for those struggling to understand the accent


4 Comments to “Irish Fighting Talk”

  1. Wanna see funny? Read the comments below this video on You Tube.


  2. Amazing. They are the embodiment of The Nac Mac Feegle.

    Except, of course that the Nac Mac Feegle were rather endearing, rather than beinga bunch of brain-dead scumbags.

    Cue a bout of googling for Nac Mac Feegle . . .


    • no need for me to do any googling – great fan of terry pratchett (re-reading ‘Thud’ at the moment)

      you’re right though, the resemblance of this lot to the Nac Mac Feegle is uncanny !


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