Pollen bomb

by allthoughtswork

The conifers are pulling this trick right now in Portland, Oregon. Thank goodness I’m only allergic to moronic assholes and not pollen.


2 Comments to “Pollen bomb”

  1. used to suffer quite badly with hay fever

    got so bad I had to wear a close fitting Star Wars type helmet which pumped ‘clean’ air into my face for me to breathe

    fortunately, apart from a few sniffles, not really had any bad hay fever attacks for many years now

    from what you say about the conifers around Portland, though, I shall be playing it safe and avoid visiting that neck of the woods at this time of year


    • Wow, the helmet situation would suck, truly. On the other hand, all men are handsome beneath a motorcycle helmet, you could work that to your advantage.

      Meanwhile, I ain’t washing the truck until the trees stop sending volcanic clouds of yellow crap onto my windshield.


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