Telling Time

by duncanr

recently, the BBC reported that some UK schools were replacing analogue clocks in exam rooms with digital ones because teenagers didn’t know how to read the time using an analogue clock –

to an ‘oldie’ like me, to whom this skill is second nature, this seemed a ludicrous state of affairs

this morning, however, I stumbled across an old clip featuring one of my all-time favourite comedians, Dave Allen, in which he

describes trying to teach his kids how to tell the time, which made me realise just what a complex cognitive task reading an analogue clock actually is . . .


3 Comments to “Telling Time”

  1. God deliver us from Generations Y and Z—really.

    I hate the little bastards—they’re ruining our world.

    No, they don’t know how to read real clocks—nor do they know how to do math on paper, spell correctly, or use correct grammar. They know how to be politically correct—and that’s the only thing those little bastards know how do do, correctly.

    They don’t have any manners, or respect for anyone—they’re totally self-absorbed, little snowflakes who choose to make their smartphones their whole world, and remain oblivious to everything and everyone around them, all the time.

    And of course they have no understanding of history, whatsoever—and that is why it’s they who are especially pushing politicians to censor the Confederate flags and monuments they dislike, without a clue that those same politicians will inevitably censor the flags and monuments they like.

    Of course, they are not entirely at fault for their worthlessness—their Baby Boomer and Generation X parents were so negligent that they got their kids addicted to those smartphones, in the first place.

    But this is still no excuse—Generations Y and Z still choose not to limit the Digital-Age technology in their lives, let alone question it. And the only way to make Generations Y and Z useful again—not to mention mindful, godly, and human—is to find some way to disable all the cell towers in the world.

    We would all benefit by putting all historical flags and monuments back up, and taking all cell towers down instead.


  2. Youngsters can’t manage money worth a shit, either, I say we remove that from their purview, as well, starting with their smartphones. I give it two days. Okay, two hours.


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