Fierce Baptism

by duncanr

hhmmm, this greek orthodox christian priest a tad too vigorous perhaps in performing this baptism ritual?

he certainly scared the shit out of the kids standing behind him – watch them back away out of his reach !

as for the poor sod getting dunked in the water – he’ll do well if he escapes brain injury (shaken baby syndrome) and is left with just a bruised arse and a dread of water


2 Comments to “Fierce Baptism”

  1. Yeah, that pretty much sums up what religion does to a child before the age of reason. Yanked about in ridiculous ways, powerless to anything about it, you just cry until they beat the crying out of you at which point you are declared “saved.”


  2. Man wearing dress assaults child

    Whatever would the Daily Wail have to say beneath this headline – especially as he’s a Johnny foreigner type.


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