Is she really that bad?

by NobblySan

I know that what she churns out as music is a touch sugary and sickly, but surely this is a bit strong.



4 Comments to “Is she really that bad?”

  1. showing my age now – had to ask google who is Ariana Grande?


  2. I’d never heard of her until some twat blew himself up outside her concert in Manchester last year – killing 22 people.

    To her credit, a few weeks later she played a specially arranged benefit concert at Old Trafford cricket ground, together with a bunch of others .

    That was the first time I’d heard her sing. I’m in no hurry to hear more. Maybe I’m just too old.

    . . . and prefer proper music.

    Here she is acting all lost and clueless when faced with two members of Coldplay singing an Oasis song.


  3. I thought Ariel was a mermaid.


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