Tough Decision

by duncanr

my attitude to the royal wedding is pretty much the same as that

of this guy . . .


8 Comments to “Tough Decision”

  1. I remember when Jonathan Pie used to be funny, and sharp, and relevant, and generally worth listening to.

    Now, he just appears to be mainstream, banal, and predictable.

    Does this make me old, or just unduly cynical?

    . . . or both?

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    • you’ve got it right – you’re an old cynic !

      seriously, though, I agree with you

      Tom Watson’s creation of the Jonathan Pie character, with the off-camera, letting hair down, chat with producer Tim was a clever idea

      but its success has perhaps been a double-edged sword

      the novelty has worn off now and the quality of the more recent videos is arguably not as high as the early videos – perhaps he would be better advised to limit the quantity of any new Jonatan Pie vids and instead produce fewer but more focussed videos ?


      • ’tis the way of life, me old mate.

        Once a TV company gets a sniff of a cash cow, quality plummets and every last drop of revenue is wrung out of stale and tired writing. All you need to do is look at (if you can stand to . . .) any American situation comedy over the past 30 years – Friends, Big Bang Theory, Frasier, etc. – they start off novel and well-written, but by (at a stretch) the end of the third series, they are utter tripe.

        Cleese and Booth had it bang on with Fawlty Towers – stop writing when you know your at the top of your game, and things can only go downhill.


  2. Okay, I watched twenty seconds of the bride and groom walking slowly under some sort of green arbor, then I switched to my local weather map. The weather map was interesting.

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  3. Oh, today was it? Football at 1715hrs Duncan, no telly on until then. Then I still might fall asleep. Hehe! TTFN


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