Life hacks, busted

by allthoughtswork

Again, it's multi-purpose: The original and most obvious use is for hanging your pots and pans when they're not in use. But you can also use the hole to hold onto a saucy spoon while you're cooking.

Nah, the sauce just runs down and coats BOTH handles.

Huh? No bull! if you've got a screw that's too tough to reach, you can slip the box-end of a wrench over the handle of a screwdriver to give yourself a bit of an extension.

Fasted way to shear a screw head.

This one is pretty cool: It's there to let pasta water strain through, obviously. BUT ALSO, on many ladles the hole happens to be just the right size for one serving of uncooked spaghetti.

One pasta serving for whom, exactly? A child or an NFL linebacker?

The simple reason: According to Heinz, this is the "sweet spot" on glass Heinz bottles. If you tap with your palm on that spot, then the ketchup should come out more easily. So, stop banging on the bottom of the bottle.

Yeah, that’s the sweet spot for striking the bottle to get the ketchup out, alright…soon as you find some ketchup still sold in a glass bottle.

Never seen this feature on a stapler, never witnessed anyone using it.

Image result for office space stapler



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