It’s my 8th anniversary on WordPress!

by allthoughtswork

8 Year Anniversary Achievement

I’d like to thank the hideous, head-up-ass Portland hiking club that wouldn’t let me speak my mind on their forum, forcing me to leave their administrative team and seek out more progressive artistic venues. If it weren’t for their impossibly puckered nether regions, you wouldn’t be basking in the rosy glow of my rum-soaked genius today. 

Typically, the 8th anniversary gift is pottery, so here is an assortment of fine porcelain sculpture to commemorate my experience with that…um…establishment. Scow-WOOSH!

Image result for toilet


For those of you with masochistic streaks and those of you who hike (but I repeat myself), I have five other blogs full of misadventures on the trail, two of which are award-winning. I won’t say which two. Enjoy the sample platter.


13 Hiking Tips for the Lower Oneonta Falls Virgin

Gross Anatomy of the Group Hike

Stalking the Abdominal Snowman

Psychos and Thistles and Bears, Oh My!

Spitting Distance from Canada


3 Comments to “It’s my 8th anniversary on WordPress!”

  1. congratulations – here’s to many more rum-soaked WordPress days ahead !


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