Old railroads: France vs. Oregon

by allthoughtswork

In the land of pommes frites, they build a contraption to ride the rails. Around these here parts, we drag out the asphalt truck,┬ámake it smooth, and then let people bring their own contraptions. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I kinda want to try what the French are doing.

Then again, this trail is twenty minutes from my front door:

The guy below is traveling just under the speed I was going when I caught the edge of the trail at the 8:06 mark, sunk my front tire in deep mud, flew headfirst over the handlebars onto pavement, and learned how long it takes a concussion and Grade 2 shoulder separation to heal. But I’m much better now (eye twitches violently). Yes, I was wearing a helmet–if I hadn’t, I’d be typing this with my lips.


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