Hey, rules are rules

by allthoughtswork

No men in your dorm room!

My Friend Goes To A School That Doesn't Allow The Opposite Sex In Their Respective Dorms, So This Is Movie Night

No food in the living room, no tablet in the kitchen!

Food Isn't Allowed In The Living Room. His Tablet Isn't Allowed In The Kitchen. He Beat The System. I Quit

No dogs on the subway unless they’re in a carrier!

Dogs Are Not Allowed On NYC Subway Unless They’re In A Carrier. So This Happened

No bar tables on the sidewalk!

A Mayor In Brazil Prohibited Bar Owners From Setting Tables On The Sidewalk. Here's Their Solution

No pumpkins in dorm rooms on Halloween!

So There’s A Rule Against Pumpkins In My Dorm But It Doesn’t Say Anything About Pineapples

You can’t show a condom in sex ed class!

This Sex Ed Teacher Couldn’t Demonstrate Proper Condom Use, So He Talked About Socks Instead

We need a photo of you in a suit on the company website!

New Job Required A Photo Of Myself In A Suit For Their Website. I Don't Own A Suit

No parties while we’re gone, we’re watching you!

My Dad Went To Vegas For 5 Days And Put A Camera In The House But That Ain't Stoping Me

Never open the bottom drawer, I mean it!

I'll Never Forget The Time That My Mom Installed This Lock In One Of Her Bathroom Drawers When I Was A Kid So She Could Hide My Phone Or Whatever Inside Of It When I Misbehaved. If Only She Thought Before She Installed It

No drinks allowed at the pool!

When No Drinks Are Allowed At The Pool

You can only write formulas for the final on one side of a piece of paper!

When You Get Told You Can Only Use One Side Of Piece Of Paper To Write Formulas For The Final

No walking on the lawn!

Told Her She Couldn't Walk On Lawns To Pick Flowers. She Found A Loophole

(mic drop)

Parking: Nailed It



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  1. nice to see folk using a bit of creative thinking

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