Me, any day above 65 degrees

by allthoughtswork

 Don't be like Victor


2 Comments to “Me, any day above 65 degrees”

  1. once temperature creeps above 70 degrees I am scuttling for the nearest shade – preferably an air-conditioned bar

    I am happier trudging through deep snow than lying comatose on a beach frying my skin

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    • It’s 4:30 in the morning and, like always, I’m torn between heading out into the cool air or sitting here with the windows open in the cool air.

      All summer long, I can only sit inside with the house battened up tight and roaring mightily with the sound of air conditioners. Damned annoying, like some sort of auditory torture. The daily enticement of a few hours of quiet, breathable air and an unrisen sun not yet scorching my creamy white legs is difficult to resist.

      OK, that’s it. I’m heading out.

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