R.I.P. Koko

by duncanr

I was first introduced to Koko in the 70’s, when studying for a psychology degree – [giving my age away here!]

I was fascinated by the thought of humans being able to converse with a non-human animal through sign language but at the same time, horrified that such an intelligent creature should be confined to captivity – however benign the ‘imprisonment’ may be

so it is was with genuine sadness that I read the news today that Koko had died – http://tinyurl.com/ybdqbt2n – but that emotion is tempered with the hope that, as an atheist, I may be wrong about this being the only life there is and that perhaps there is continuous life, in some form, after death and that somewhere, somehow Koko can finally live the life now she was denied here for so long

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One Comment to “R.I.P. Koko”

  1. I remember when she was given a pet kitten and named it All Ball. So adorable.


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