How strong is your vocabulary?

by allthoughtswork

Image result for dictionary funny cartoon

No, I don’t mean how fast you can make the paint peel from the walls with your filthy mouth, although that is a fantastic and relevant gift in these times, I mean how many of those word thingies do you know?

Beat my score.


9 Comments to “How strong is your vocabulary?”

  1. I’m in the top 45% – score 3080 out of 4020 (I got one answer wrong)

    I expect you scored a perfect 10/10 ?

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  2. 3200 – 9/10.

    I hadn’t a a bloody clue what ‘benison’ was. An alloy of beef and venison, perhaps?

    Good little quiz, though.

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    • on a totally unrelated subject, fire on Saddleworth Moor seems pretty devastating. That’s where you walk your dogs isn’t it?


    • Speaking as a 10/10, 3680/4200 polyglot (well, that’s what I got, first time, and no I’m not giving it another go)
      I can declare that a “benison” is a filthy-minded pervert (son of Benny), usually found lurking in the shadows of the “Mad Hatters” blog


  3. Sometimes, but not on that particular part.

    It is a bit of a big ‘un. I could see the smoke from home on Monday night, so drove up the hill into Saddleworth to see if I could see where it was, but it was obviously a few miles away so I turned back.

    We’re about 8 miles away, but can smell the smoke, and on Tuesday evening the whole sky was overcast – it was rather eerie.

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    • It got a mention on aussie news – about 300 evacuated? I’m guessing that must be solely due to the smoke?


      • That’s some inflation! It was actually 30 homes, and about 100 people. All strictly precautionary, and they were allowed back the following morning when the wind had changed direction.

        Unfortunately, some fucking loon decided to start his own moorland fire at Winter Hill on the NE side of Manchester, which has taken about 16 fire engines away from the one in Saddleworth, Then last night a fire started on Crompton Moor – the one that I help look after. Probably a few more scrotes thinking it’s fun. I watched the fire from my window for a while until it looked like the Fire Brigade had got it sorted.

        This is the breeding season for ground nesting birds, so much devastation there, not to mention the longer term effect of a hugely reduced rodent population resulting in a loss of meals for owls, kestrels etc.

        These aren’t kids, either. They’ve nicked a bloke for the Winter Hill fire – he is 22, and we’ve seen twats of a similar age lighting fires on Crompton Moor.


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