Did everything wrong, lived anyway

by allthoughtswork

Doesn’t track the storm correctly. Just sits there, staring at it, when he finally does. Doesn’t turn the damn truck around and drive, hell bent for leather, away from the thing. Doesn’t leave his Death Projectile…er, vehicle…and seek shelter in a low lying ditch to avoid flying debris and being crunched like a tender, bloody sardine in a big, metal can. Parks under an overpass, otherwise known as a Wind-Concentrating Tunnel from Hell in a tornado. Doesn’t get on 911 so they can track his ass if it gets vaulted into another county as said sardine. Doesn’t, at the very least, get down below the windows to avoid breaking glass. Opens windows before danger has passed. Films the whole goddamned thing like a goddamned millennial. The gene pool is doomed.


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