Johnny Rockard Coffin Crowdfunding Appeal

by duncanr

am I the only one surprised to learn that this gap-toothed guy is apparently a ‘porn star’ ???

can’t believe it, myself – christ, if he can’t come up with £5000 for his funeral he can’t be making much money as a porn star!

the average cost of a funeral in the UK these days is around £4000+ – so we are talking here about the design and manufacture of a penis shaped coffin, and the design, engineering, and manufacture of a remote control coffin-carrying dolley to achieve the effect he desires at around £1000 over what would be required if he was having a conventional funeral . . .


I like the fun idea of what he apparently has planned for his funeral but in the absence of a copy of the scan/report of his supposed lung disease, and some costings of the work required to stage the funeral he supposedly wants, I don’t believe for one moment that this is for real

I think it is a load of bollocks, but if you disagree with me feel free to send some of your hard-earned cash to this guy

but given that he has received only one donation of £10 in the week since he launched his crowd-funding appeal, and despite his claim in the video as to the number of his followers, when he has a grand total of 3 subscribers on youtube it would seem a lot of folk share my view that this appeal is a load of shite !

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One Comment to “Johnny Rockard Coffin Crowdfunding Appeal”

  1. Duncan, you really should reconsider wildlife documentaries.


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