Why Blame Melody?

by duncanr

O.K. I understand she’s upset – and with good reason – but why publicly shame Melody?

I think it’s a fair guess that . . .

few married men who cheat on their wives tell their mistress that they have a wife (at least at the outset) of the affair

so there’s a chance the poor cow (Melody) doesn’t know her lover, Alan, is a married man, whereas Alan certainly does know, unless he’s got alzheimer’s, that he has a wife

barring that circumstance, the wife should be directing her anger, surely, at her husband rather than Melody and should be displaying a sign that, rather than portraying Melody as the guilty party, should tell the world that her husband Alan is fucking Melody

subtle difference, I know, but just saying !

2 Comments to “Why Blame Melody?”

  1. For the same reason a man punches out other guys who flirt back with his slutty wife.


  2. On the other hand, maybe she’s annoyed that her husband Alan has transitioned and is now known as fucking Melody?


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