Why women live longer

by allthoughtswork

Unplugging An Electric Car While Using Petrol Cans As Stilts To Avoid The Flood Water

“Back in a dash, love, I’m just unplugging the electric car.”

Firework Shooters

Compensating much?

Ready For Lift Off

Lift off in 3…2…1….

Spotted Doing 65 On The Highway

Doin’ 65 mph on his break.

No Steps? No Problem

This is fine.


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6 Comments to “Why women live longer”

  1. I had to call the fire brigade once. There was a loud popping noise from next door. I took a look out the door, and saw flames issuing through a hole in the shingle roof of the neighbour’s garage. This was back in the day before mobiles. I rushed back inside to call, but as I triple 0’d I heard the sirens already on their way.
    It turned out, the fellow had been sitting in his old Morris truck inside the garage, cleaning the metal dashboard with petrol from a tray on his lap, and ignoring those health warnings on the packet: “Smoking can be hazardous to your health”.
    Ended up with third degree burns where the petrol spilt.


  2. Of course putting one and one together:
    (1) According to womens’ groups, women receive less care than men in the mainstream health services
    (1) Women live longer than men.

    Avoid mainstream health services like the plague.


    • True dat. I stopped all medical intervention several decades ago and my health has been steadily improving since then. Science.

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      • I’m with you on this, ATW

        amongst my group of friends, they often marvel that I am seemingly the healthiest of them all

        I keep telling them it may well be a consequence of my vegan diet and laid-back life style, as they suggest – but it also could all be illusory

        it may seem that way because I avoid doctors like a plague – preferring my body to heal itself rather than put myself at the mercy of medical science – but for all they, or I, know, I could be living on borrowed time – my body riddled with some fatal disease that no-one is aware of because I shun visiting doctors or hospitals when I am feeling unwell

        having lived through the death of my mum, my dad, and my wife, from life-threatening conditions, I have concluded the intervention of medical professionals may well have delayed their death but the extra few weeks/months gained, in terms of quality of life granted was not worth the time/effort/cost expended

        when it’s my turn to go, I’d rather exit this world with a glass in my hand, and a curse on my tongue, than slip silently away in a drug-induced quietude


        • “A glass in my hand, a curse on my tongue,” basking in the post-coital haze of bliss.

          There, fixed it for ya. Ha, ha!

          I concur, 100% My mom is on her second large benign tumor. I’ve maintained for years that they are the physical manifestations of her negativity and victimhood but she’s addicted to both. Oh, well. You can’t illuminate people’s problems for them, you can only shine and hope they see the light.


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