Quit yer whinging

by allthoughtswork

The grass in Hyde Park, London, is seen scorched and yellow

Brits have the cheek to be appalled by the crispy Serengeti-look global warming is wreaking upon their famous lawns. In Portland, Oregon, we just call that summer.

Tip: Ignore it, pour yourself something cool, and savor not dragging out the lawn mower until October. Beige goes with everything.


5 Comments to “Quit yer whinging”

  1. this heatwave in the UK is driving me nuts – [I’m a snow rather than sun person]

    on the other hand, archeology is one of my great interests, and this heat wave, resulting in parched landscapes, is throwing up some fascinating hitherto unknown sites crying out for exploration – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44767497

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