Petting a Tarantula Hawk is like shoving an M-80 firecracker up your ass

by allthoughtswork


It makes good video but you won’t be able to hear the praise over your own screams of pain.

I got stung by a yellow jacket yesterday. Inner thigh, the sadist. The bastards are everywhere this godawfully hot summer, along with their back-up demons horse flies, ticks, and mosquitoes. I have nearly two dozen wounds so far for July alone–more than the last 13 years combined.

The icing on the cake? I’m enjoying worse and worse reactions to the cornucopia of poisons they deliver. I think I’m being sensitized under the sheer weight of toxins being pumped into my flesh against my will. Bastards.

Yes, I use insect repellent, I use it until my skin tingles and burns. I recently advanced to the industrial 40% DEET variety so I can look forward to irreversible chromosome damage as well. People wonder why I’m a winter person.


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