Meanwhile, in Hell….

by allthoughtswork


Well, I’m as close to hell as you can get without filling out a change of address card.

My right leg is swollen beyond recognition and tingling and itching like a thousand mosquito bites. I had to sleep sitting up in a chair last night with an ice pack against the wound just to dull the agony. I still only logged half a night’s winks.

The red areas on the map above indicate places I’d like to scratch my own flesh right off the bone. The yellow center is rock hard, painful in a random-electric-shocks kinda way, hotter to the touch than a fresh burn, and now the skin is beginning to bubble and peel away like a Nagasaki tourist. No medication or treatment other than an ice pack has had any effect on this dermal nightmare. WebMD and experience both say I have another three glorious days of this to look forward to, minimum.

It’s what they call a “large local reaction.” It’s when you’re allergic but not quite allergic enough to ram an EpiPen in your ass and dial 9-1-1. So, I guess I should be…grateful?

One little wasp, that’s all it took.

Well, one wasp on Wednesday after a vicious killer wasp in 2015 after four wasps in the 90s. My immune system has slowly ground to a halt after a two-decades-long toxic tour de force and said, “Fuck it, I’m out.”

I hear the Arctic is nice.

Image result for wasp cute



2 Comments to “Meanwhile, in Hell….”

  1. ouch, that looks sore – hope you feel better soon

    wasps are evil

    was enjoying a wee glass of wine in the garden yesterday; nipped into the house, briefly, to answer a call of nature and when I returned, it was to find one of the buggers had taken advantage of my absence and was doing the breast stroke in my glass of red

    cheeky bastard !


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