Anita Hill kicks ass

by allthoughtswork

Her interview starts at 17:50. If you don’t know who Anita Hill is, put down the Twitter, go to the very beginning, and pay attention to the WHOLE damned segment.

I remember the Anita Hill hearings. I remember being shocked that she took it as far as she did. Not because she was wrong–she was 100% right–but because, as a woman who had already endured a lifetime of sexual harassment in and out of the workplace, myself, I understood deep in my core that she would summarily be raked over the coals, made an example of, and nothing would change.

And it hasn’t, not really. The instant we finally made the vital shift from advising women not to “get” raped to commanding men not to rape, the testicular uproar over how unfair it was to put men in a position to fear every move they made in life and the workplace was violent and ubiquitous.

When the irony of that¬†sinks in, we’ll have made some progress.


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