Abduction as Romance

by duncanr

We might not realize how much of our pop culture stories involve taking women against their will. It’s often dressed up as romance. It’s an “old, a deeply troubling media convention.” It’s an outgrowth of the idea that women are passive participants in relationships, and the best ones are too virtuous to seek out sex, but men know best who belongs with who. – misscellania


2 Comments to “Abduction as Romance”

  1. A brilliant and comprehensive presentation.

    Abduction as romance seems to be the ultimate extended rape fantasy for incels. Incidentally, all the abuse techniques outlined are classic and predictable behaviors of narcissistic personality disordered individuals, a personality disorder so Machiavellian and entrenched that the majority of psychiatrists agree it is incurable. If Trump just sprang to mind, congratulations, your brain works fine.

    “Men who violate women’s rights and autonomy are then rewarded with a romantic relationship.”


    If it worked that way, Republicans would be getting laid.


  2. Refreshingly, there’s an ‘abduction as romance’ film where the male/female roles are reversed. In ‘Something Wild’, Melanie Griffith kidnaps Jeff Daniels, and takes him on a boozy, sexy, ultimately violent, road trip. This is a really enjoyable film, with great acting, brilliant music, and some wickedly-observed humour. Ray Liotta provides a genuinely frightening counterpoint to the initial feel-good tone as Griffith’s ex.


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