Hot enough for ya?

by allthoughtswork

Record Summer?


Portland, Oregon, is finally below 90 for a few days, so I’m using the oven. The guy in there should stop screaming any time now.

I know just how he feels, it’s been hotter than Trump’s inseam for over a month (“Liar, liar, pants on…” you know the rest) and we’ve had zero rain for two.

Is it better or worse where you’re at?

First Aid Tip: Did you know you can mix up to 10% liquor into fruit juice before freezing it into popsicles and still have them set? Now you have something to do this weekend. You’re welcome.

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2 Comments to “Hot enough for ya?”

  1. anything over 70 and I begin to wilt

    temps here in birmingham, UK have been in the high 80s, nudging 90 on a couple of days these past few weeks, with little sign of any rain to alleviate my distress

    as a pensioner now, the government gives me a £200 heating allowance every year to cover the additional cost I incur trying to heat my house to keep warm during the cold winter months but there is little thought about compensating me for the cost of all these extra bottles of chilled white wine I’ve had to buy these past few weeks in a desperate attempt to cope with these unusually high temperatures !


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