Educating Rita. Trump

by duncanr

trump has been widely mocked and ridiculed in the UK for his ignorance regarding the difference between the terms ‘UK’ (United Kingdom),’GB’ (Great Britain), and England –

and rightly so, for doesn’t the arsehole President constantly crow about being a ‘genius’, and his super high IQ?

and yet he hasn’t the remotest idea of the correct name for the place he recently visited ?

and his mother, who emigrated to the USA from Scotland must be ‘birling’ in her grave to think her son believes Scotland to be a part of England – for there is no greater insult to a Scot than to be thought to be English!

and yet, sadly, trump is not . . .

alone in his ignorance
the majority of americans I met during my time in the states were as ignorant as he, and I got tired trying to explain that Wales, Scotland, and England are 3 separate countries that together make up Great Britain, and that England is a term that refers to one of the constituent parts of the entity called Great Britain,and is not a term that is interchangeable with that of Great Britain

and then trying to explain the difference between ‘Great Britain’ and the ‘United Kingdom’ – well to be honest, about then I just gave up and poured myself a large dram !

anyways, in the forlorn hope that the ‘stable genius’ – his words, not mine – and any other americans similarly ignorant . geographically challenged, might read this post and learn from it, here – in words that a stable genius might hopefully understand – is an explanation of the appropriate terms to use to avoid coming across as an ignorant arsehole and pissing off the natives, when visiting parts of the UK

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One Comment to “Educating Rita. Trump”

  1. Why don’t you just make it easier on everybody and rename the whole damned thing People Who Drink Beer Warm?


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