I’m doomed

by allthoughtswork


3 Comments to “I’m doomed”

  1. Hmmm. Who got to judge who’s smart?
    Back in the day a lot of those university types thought Einstein wasn’t very smart…


    • Nature has devised a far more efficient culling system than judgement: All a woman has to do is speak articulately, make decisions independently, and exercise healthy boundaries and she can practically HEAR the penises shriveling around her.

      Some time ago, a man admired the original furniture in my office. I said I made it. He admired my top. I sewed it. He offered to help me fix something. I thanked him but assured him I had all the necessary tools and was taking care of it, myself, that weekend.

      He blurted, “How will you find a man if you can do everything, yourself?”

      This baffled me because single mothers have been doing precisely that for centuries. Raising men.

      I said, “I’m not looking for a man to DO things, I’m looking for a man who IS things.”


  2. Uhmm. Cant say that about us all.


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