Mean girl pushes girl off bridge, no remorse

by allthoughtswork

This was big news around here when it happened, partly because the bridge is only an hour or so away, partly because the scorchingly narcissistic bitch at fault exhibited precisely zero remorse for her actions until she was looking down the barrel of a lawsuit.

Silver Star3

I’ve been to that bridge, it’s amazing…and high. Lots of rocks below. The victim is lucky to be alive.

I have the perfect punishment for the perpetrator: Simply ban her from having any internet presence, one year for every second that poor girl was falling to her doom. That means no images, no video, no words–and everybody who references her online is doomed to the same fate.

Ever see the Twilight Zone episode “To See the Invisible Man”? Isolation kills malignant narcissists faster than a bucket of water on the Wicked Witch of the West. Maybe we could drag a hose into the White House….


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