Doctors are writing prescriptions to children for playtime

by allthoughtswork

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Jesus Christ, when I was a kid, I OD’d on outdoor playtime every day and the side effects were glorious: self-reliance, patience, an incredible imagination. Actual muscle tone.

Children need unstructured playtime for their brains to develop properly. Your folks kicked you out of the house back then and told you to go find something to do. If you uttered the fatal words, “I’m bored,” you were given chores.

Yesterday, I witnessed my friend’s wife feed her six-year-old child by hand, bite by bite, like a mother bird while the kid watched television on the couch, inert. Yes, you read that right. When I called the mom out on it, she replied, “I like doing it for her.”

I hope you like paying for her therapy, too, sweetie.

4 Comments to “Doctors are writing prescriptions to children for playtime”

  1. Kids are lazier now. Technology made them that way. If the sun was out, so were we. Curfew was when the street lights came on.


    • Oh, I don’t blame the kids, not one bit. Childhood is a hostage situation and kids operate within the limits parents set for them.

      When Mommy and Daddy say, “Don’t bother me, I’ve had a long day, why don’t you just watch a movie while I make dinner/cruise Facebook/drive you to soccer?” a pattern develops. A weak, whiny, ADD pattern.


  2. doctors writing a prescription isn’t going to do much good – no bugger can read their bloody writing


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