The little shits go back next week

by allthoughtswork

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2 Comments to “The little shits go back next week”

  1. I went to a school in the ’50s much like the one referenced in the cartoon

    a lot of the male teachers had served in the forces during the war and saw any questioning of something they said not as evidence of an enquiring mind but as insubordination – such breach of military discipline to be punished by ‘six of the best’ with a leather strap, called a tawse

    and when I got home with bruises on my hands and wrists, there was no sympathy from my parents, no outrage at the teacher’s action – their view was that he was right to punish me for ‘misbehaving’ in class

    how times and attitudes have changed – it is illegal now, and has been for some years, to belt children in scottish schools

    a brief history of the tawse here –


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