Swirl and Sip

by duncanr

They use several metrics to show
The circular motion and flow
Of wine as it swirls,
As it whirls and it twirls,
Although why, I am too drunk to know.

personally, I can’t be arsed to swirl wine in a glass before taking a little sip of it – I drink wine like I do beer, big gulping mouthfuls of it from a tall glass, or mug, [or mouth to bottle on occasion]

but for those wine drinkers less uncouth than me, here’s the science behind the idea that swirling wine in a glass enhances the drinking experience – http://tinyurl.com/yc68uwro

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One Comment to “Swirl and Sip”

  1. They did the same thing with boobs but they really should have used a woman who actually had some:


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