Because sick and stupid makes more money, that’s why

by allthoughtswork

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This physician’s lament doesn’t surprise me. She goes on and on about how our health care system is failing patients because there aren’t enough general practitioners to treat them in the early stages of disease. It’s all specialists these days who swoop in to “manage” illness after the shit has really hit the fan.

Sweetie, you’re missing the point of medicine.

It has never been, nor will it ever be, about health. It’s about money and you make a shitload more of it if you let humans get sick enough to require the services of an endocrinologist and his drooling sponsor, Big Pharma.

It’s bloody brilliant to do it in such a way that makes patients think whatever happens to them is all their fault. Fat? Should’ve eaten the whole wheat doughnuts. Depression? Maybe you’re just not cut out for corporate. Cancer? It’s your mom’s genes.

Bull. Shit.

Educate people early and thoroughly about the wonderful science of their body, monetarily incentivize schools and companies to render healthy working environments, make all Big Pharma-funded medical research as transparent as a wet negligee, and reinforce social mores that glorify mental and physical health for all ages on all socioeconomic levels and what do you have?

That’s right, a death spiral in the market shares for Prozac and diabetes medication, that’s what you’d have.

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