Treating Hysterical Women

by duncanr

if one is to believe movie-makers, women are prone to ‘go to pieces’ in stressful situations – becoming hysterical

the approved method to treat such hysteria and bring the woman back to her senses – get her to snap out of it – is a kindly, well-meaning slap to the face

this scene from “Airplane’ parodies this common practice

before slapping the woman became the customary form of ‘treatment’ for hysteria, the practice favoured by doctors was to bring the woman to orgasm by fingering her clitoris

such was the number of . . .

hysterical women presenting themselves to the doctor to have their clitoris fingered, however, that doctors began to suffer from what we now would call ‘repetitive strain injury’ – this, in turn, was the trigger for the invention of a mechanical means of stimulating the clitoris, i.e., a vibrator

more information about the history of the diagnosis and treatment of hysteria here

2 Comments to “Treating Hysterical Women”

  1. The current cure for hysteria, 100% effective, 100% percent of the time, is to treat every gender on the planet equally and pay them according to merit, not gonads. Amazing how that calms people the fuck down.


  2. . . . or to let them win the fucking game of tennis in order to prevent further tantrums.


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