Now explain trickle-down economics

by allthoughtswork




4 Comments to “Now explain trickle-down economics”

  1. This makes as much sense as any other Christian claim I’ve heard. 😯

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  2. You forgot all the child rape


  3. Toerags 1:2

    And lo – it came to pass that BigG did pause his game of Minecraft and had a quick ponder.

    He pondered thus “There are too many tall people in The Plan. I shall redress the balance of things and write some cynical short bloke back into it for a while and see how it goes.”

    And behold, Nobbly was woken from his slumbers and did quip with a wry smile ” What the fuck. I’d better post something sharpish”

    Whereupon he did slip a chunk of the substandard steak to the black spaniel sat next to his desk and did proceed to pick his nose whilst having a quick terrestrial ponder of his own about what to post.


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