Stop Wasting Life

by duncanr

many folk die each year whilst waiting for an organ transplant

in part, this is because too few people register to donate their organs after death and, of those who do, relatives are sometimes unaware of the deceased person’s wishes

a recent advertising campaign in Venezuela seeks to address these two issues

I hope the campaign achieves its objective and more organs become available for transplant but one problem is still to be tackled – even when the deceased person has

signed up to make their organs available for transplant after their death and relatives are aware of this wish, often the next of kin will refuse to allow the donation to proceed (sometimes because to do so conflicts with their own deeply held religious views)

time then, to move away from a system in which no organs are available for transplant after death unless an individual elects to make them so to one in which all suitable organs of the deceased are available for transplant unless the deceased has publically denied permission for their organs to be re-used in this way ?

8 Comments to “Stop Wasting Life”

  1. If I croak (not when, but if), anyone and everyone is welcome to whatever atheist parts of mine are still fresh. At the rate I’m going, that should be three toes and a lung by the finish line.


  2. Don’t Wales and Scotland already have an ‘opt-out’ policy, with Engerlaaaand (as usual) lagging behind in common sense matters?

    I may be wrong on this. You may not believe this, but it has happened before.


  3. An amazing young lady called Orla Tinsley starred in a documentary last week here in Ireland. She has CF and last december was dying aged 30. She was on the transplant list and the documentary showed her getting a call six times for a transplant in a few weeks. Each time it was unsuitable and was cancelled. Finally, with number 7 she got lucky and is doing well since.
    In the two days after the programe over 5000 signed up here for donor cards. People want to be donors I think in the majority, but never do anything to ensure it will happen.


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