Research shows . . .

by duncanr

men burn 200 calories an hour during intercourse and women lose just 138 an hour

which means men are doing all the work if a man eats the UK’s favorite meal – chicken tikka masala, with pilau rice, and a poppadom – an average of 1389 calories, he’ll need to run a half-marathon or have sex for almost 7 hours to burn off those calories

[both these activities are beyond my ability to achieve but I know which one I would have a go at !]

the calorie count of the 10 most popular meals in the UK and the exercise needed to burn off these calories are summarised in following graphic . . .

full story here –

3 Comments to “Research shows . . .”

  1. I need the answers to a copule of inquisitons:
    A simple calculation based on the eating habits of an average American reveals a daily intake of 26,000 calories.
    (see “Jake” in the Blues Brothers movie, whose average meal is 4 whole fried chickens and a coke”.
    That’s 8,700 calories, just for breakfast.)
    So rather than running marathons, or playing football for hours, which will consume a mere thousand calories, isn’t it better to drive around in sunglasses, visiting cafes, restaurants and bars?


  2. . . . and how many calories would it have used for the pillock that concocted this stupid chart to open a dictionary and check the spelling of EXERCISE, eh?


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