How to spot a stupid man

by allthoughtswork

Okay, here’s a fine video tutorial. I’ll walk you through it. 

  1. A woman is cleaning.
  2. She knows what’s she’s doing. (Every savvy homeowner with a vacuum hose that doesn’t quite reach the ceiling or is too unwieldy to hold up like that all day knows how to remove the end of the vacuum attachment to reach the cobwebs and dust along the ceiling and then reattach it so the vacuum can gather what was gleaned, which is clearly what she is doing at five seconds in. It’s more efficient than putting a dampened sock on the end of a broom handle and then ending up having to clean the sock, too. Duh.)
  3. Man does not pitch in and help.
  4. Man films her, instead, while sitting on his ass.
  5.  Man chooses to leer at her body while she works, diminishing her efforts and reducing her to an object.
  6. Man attempts to ridicule her for not knowing how a vacuum works when, in fact, it is he who does not know how dusting works. (Point of fact: If he knows she can’t reach the ceiling, why doesn’t he take over this little chore?)
  7. Man takes his stupidity nuclear by posting his mockery of her on the internet, essentially shouting his disdain, impudence, and lack of psychological development to the world.
  8. Man allows other stupid men to revel with him in the comments section, ostensibly to gather emotional support for himself in his brave act of tearing her down.


Woman: 2* **

Man: -6

*If she’s dating this guy, living with him, or married to him, all her points are automatically revoked and she is on probation until she finds a grown adult who cherishes her, is proud of her, and treats her with respect.

**If she votes conservative, she deserves everything this manky wanker dishes up and more.



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