Jethro: a Giant Portion

by duncanr

a bit long this vid but well worth the time to watch it

went to see Jethro live in a local theatre here a few days ago – brilliant show, very funny man

here’s a compilation video of some of his previous shows . . .

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4 Comments to “Jethro: a Giant Portion”

  1. Thanks, Duncan, I really needed that.


    • glad you enjoyed it

      they say laughter is contagious – it truly is

      I find his videos funny but he’s much funnier ‘live’ – his show last Friday was the most enjoyable I’ve been to in a long time

      the jokes were funny but the atmosphere when part of an audience all laughing at the same time made them seem funnier

      and he’s such a nice man off stage

      my friends and I met him in the bar before the show began and had a brief chat – lovely man !


  2. Yup, mob psychology can be used for good as well as evil. About the only things we have left here in America to participate in en masse is sports, music concerts, megachurches, and political conventions. Which explains a lot.


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