Caption this

by allthoughtswork


9 Comments to “Caption this”

  1. “Be vewwy, vewwy quiet…”


  2. Frustrated by reports of his small hands, Trump attempts to compensate with international diplomacy.


  3. Demonstration of the size of the NRA’s government kickbacks in 3…2…1….


  4. This is your rifle.
    This is your gun.
    One’s ‘cuz your stupid, and
    One’s ‘cuz yer dumb.


  5. The fertility doctor told Jethro he wuz shootin’ blanks. Jethro had an ideer.


  6. Recoil Roger, rabbit routing.


  7. …and in the highly intelligent stable genius’s dream, as he handled his weapon, it grew and grew…


    • Until he suddenly awoke, still in a trailer home, Fox News burbling on a television, his limp dick in his left hand.

      “Must’ve been why it felt like a stranger,” he mused on his way to the kitchen and his first bad decision of the day.


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