Watch this, take note, turn off the damned phone

by allthoughtswork

2 Comments to “Watch this, take note, turn off the damned phone”

  1. a bunch of friends and I meet up every wed afternoon for a drink and chat

    we created a Messenger group to exchange messages with each other re venue, who could or couldn’t make it, etc., that soon broadened into a general chat line

    the constant pinging of my cell-phone drove me mad – especially when I checked the conversation thread to find it was nothing meaningful, simply someone liking or giving thumbs up to a previous comment – so I turned off ‘notifications’ and now have a mercifully silent phone and nice peaceful days !


    • Yup, that’s pretty much how I approach all types of groups, blogs, forums, etc.–The notifications are silent and I check ’em when I feel like it.

      I prefer to focus my attention rather than my attention focusing me.


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