If this were an actual job, I’d be a zillionaire

by allthoughtswork


4 Comments to “If this were an actual job, I’d be a zillionaire”

  1. pretty good way to get yourself dumped, I would think

    p.s. who the f*** says ‘ you were on your cellular device‘ rather than ‘you were on your phone’ ?


    • How do you know she didn’t ask him to help her cut back on her social media addiction?

      Anyway, dump away. He deserves to be with someone who uses their brain more than their thumbs. If anyone–ANYONE–whips out a smartphone and starts using it while I’m speaking to them face to face, and it doesn’t have to do with looking up something we’re actually talking about, that person’s name immediately moves in my brain from the Friend File to the Acquaintance File. If it happens more than once, we’re done. Heartbeats are more important than devices. Civility must stand.


    • She’s not going to dump him; they must be making money out of this series of set up scenes.

      If this were for real, then why would the smug bastard be filming it all?

      Let’s not forget that the main reason that people post this sort of brainless shit on YT is to get views, attract sponsors and advertisers and make money.

      Cynical? moi?



  2. Emma… Emma…. Emma…. Emma…. Emma…. Emma…. Emma…. Emma???


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