Stephen Fry gets chillier the farther north he goes

by allthoughtswork

Literally and figuratively, in an amusing documentary about the American states.


2 Comments to “Stephen Fry gets chillier the farther north he goes”

  1. watched the first 15 minutes – really interesting, and love Fry’s commentary

    going to watch the rest this evening when I’ve got more time


    • Yes, I was enjoying his perspective and humor right up until he got to Oregon. I had watched with growing discomfort the grossly unequal amounts of time spent in each state–some he seemed to spend days in while others were mere blips on his radar–and I understood the limits of a travelling documentary but this seemed negligent.

      Like the way the entire beautiful state of Oregon was represented by one bizarre interview with a nutjob who thinks he saw Bigfoot.

      That’s it, that’s the end. No waterfalls, no breweries, no second largest urban forest reserve park in the entire country, no City of Bridges or Roses or anything.

      Just one dude who needs his medication adjusted. Come on, that only represents about 55% of us, tops.


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