Old-fashioned potato candy has only 4 ingredients

by allthoughtswork

Potatoes, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and tight pants.


2 Comments to “Old-fashioned potato candy has only 4 ingredients”

  1. had to google ‘powdered sugar’ – we call it icing sugar in UK

    might have a go at making these some time for a party or a present for someone – too sweet for my taste, I prefer savoury over sweet


    • Damnit, I’m finding all these recipes I could’ve tried before I went off carbs. It’s like an addict learning they came out with new flavors of heroin.

      By the by, I did a little experiment and ate some candy last month–first significant sugar in two years. Thought I was going to die. All my joints swelled up and ached (and other unsavory things.)

      So, you can have my share of the sugar potato turds.


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