Rainbow Christmas Cards

by duncanr

I have nothing but contempt for families (particularly parents) that turn against a child because of his or her’s sexual orientation or preferred gender identity!


4 Comments to “Rainbow Christmas Cards”

  1. I watched an amazing documentary here in Ireland following some of those who actively canvassed for full equality for gay marriage here a few years ago. One was a young man who was a member of the travelling community. The interview with him and his dad was amazing, to see a son crying as his father awkwardly tells him he loves him, why wouldn’t he, in a lot more colourful language! It also featured a young girl who’s family were not so enlightened.


    • some years ago, a friend whose youngest teenage boy was transitioning to female was having a torrid time. Her other adult kids turned against her and her son and they were spurned by them and the local community, eventually forced to abandon their island home and flee to mainland Scotland to escape the hostility and harassment they were subjected to

      really brought it home to me how nasty some families can be when one of their own needs understanding, help, and support !


      • Oh wow, what a terrible thing to happen. Some people are so cruel.
        I remember before we had all our kids, having a conversation with friends. We were all discussing what would be the hardest thing to deal with. We spoke of drug addiction, pregnancy, aggression, robbery then I turned to my other half and said, “What do you think?” He replied, “if the lines of communication were broken and we didn’t speak.” We’d nothing to say after that and now my gang are grown up I still think he was right.


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