And so it starts

by duncanr

Hogmany/New Year is the occasion for great celebration in Scotland, much more so than Xmas

indeed, for 400 years – mid 16th century – mid 20th Century – christmas was hardly celebrated at all in Scotland with December 25 only becoming a public holiday in 1958 and Boxing Day . . .not recognised as a festive holiday until 1974 ( )

while the rest of the world parties on New Years Eve to say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new, in Scotland, New Year celebrations start before Dec 31 and extend beyond Jan 01

so it was that yesterday saw thousands of ordinary revellers bearing flaming torches join pipers and other entertainers in a parade through the streets of Edinburgh . . .

8 Comments to “And so it starts”

  1. Holy hell, the hangovers must be legendary!


    • the ‘loony dook‘ on Jan 2 (check it out on youtube) soon shifts a hangover!

      p.s. my mum had 6 sisters and a brother. each of whom hosted a party on successive nights after the new year to which everyone was invited to bless the house and bring good luck to the occupants so our new year celebrations generally lasted around 10 days

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      • This explains so much about you–Hahaha!

        My tradition is to get up reasonably early and hike to a fine view on the first day of the year. It used to be “hike to a summit to witness the first sunrise” but this is Oregon and the odds of there being any kind of sun at dawn are puny at best. However, the smug sanctimony of knowing I’m exercising hangover-free while others are still sweating liquor into their sheets is a fine trade off.

        Happy New Year!


        • my wild partying days are over, ATW – well this year at least

          be bringing in the new year at home with a bottle of wine and the radio for company

          Happy New Year, ATW – hope 2019 is a joyous year for you, bringing you health, happiness,and all you would wish for yourself and those you care for !


  2. I would love to be in Edinburgh for this time of year. Everything I’ve seen about the Christmas through New Year’s says it would be beautiful and fun.


    • there’s so much going on in Edinburgh over Hogmanay/New year, it’s fantastic fun

      such a great atmosphere too with thousands of people from all over the world meeting up to celebrate the end of one (possibly shitty, for them) year and welcome in a new (and hopefully better) year just starting, creating an almost tangible air of hope and optimism

      the bonhomie affects everyone – even the police charged with monitoring safety and security at the various events going on (I have shaken a good few policeman’s hands and kissed many a smiling policewoman-[or was it the other way round?] – during these festivities 😆

      I hope you make it to the edinburgh hogmanay/new year celebrations one year, CM – you’ll love it!


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